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"We endeavor for customer satisfaction through effective product realization with continual improvements, aimed at achieving customer delight."

Keeping in mind the growing interest in crafts the world over and especially the emergence of Indian Art on the international scene, we deal with furniture and craft items designed by a team of international designers and domestic designers.

The furniture manufactured by us is of the highest quality and is made from local timbers like sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo), mango (Mangifera indica), and babool or kikar (Acacia nilotica). The wood is chemically treated in a treatment plant using standard chemicals and seasoned in seasoning kilns, both of which ensure that the final product is using wood of the very best quality. Seasoned and treated wood is then worked on by master craftsmen who turn the hard wood in to work's of art. The wood pores are sealed by either a Nitro-cellulose or Acid-cellulose sealer to prevent the wood from absorbing or releasing atmospheric moisture. The final wax finish brings out antique and exotic finish. The items that are given this treatment mainly includes a large variety of cabinets, almirahs, chairs, tables, frames, drawers, boxes, racks and many other decorative articles.

In conclusion we have briefly dealt with the renaissance of India's varied crafts, the new inspirations based on old models, and the designs & motifs of today - new, yet still steeped in the beauty and tradition of the past.

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